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It is my desire to serve all residents of Union County as a member of the  County Board of Commissioners.  I understand that County government is the level of government that most directly impacts every citizen.  I seek the office of County Commissioner in pursuit of A More Perfect Union. 

We need a strong leader who will address each issue and properly evaluate its impact on our community. I would like to share just a few of  my concerns.

Union County faces many challenges, including:

  • Broadband

  • Clean Water

  • Growth (Residential and Commercial)

  • Housing

  • Roads

  • Sewer Capacity 

  • Taxes

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Did you notice how much our property taxes went up this year?  Some will try to blame the increase in our property value to justify the increase in the tax rate, but that’s not the case. How much property tax you pay is solely the decision of the County Commissioners. This year, they decided on a tax rate that increased our taxes!  They raised water bills and now our property taxes. We all deserve to know where the money is going.  When elected, I commit to transparency before, during, and after the decision-making process. 

Balanced Development

Why are there so many new home developments, yet no improvements on our roads? When a new development is built there are many issues that have a negative impact on the surrounding neighborhoods; from increased traffic on roads built for light travel to more students enrolling in the local school.  Either the municipality that is affected or the County is often burdened with the responsibility of finding the funds to pay for these changes. Union County's population growth is unavoidable.  It is a great place to live and raise a family. Although we cannot control how many people will love living here, we can control when and where growth happens.

In 2017, the State Legislature took away the ability for local governments to charge developers for infrastructure improvements. However, it's time for Union County  to make smarter decisions regarding new developments in Union County before developers, working with local leadership, take away all the reasons you love living here. Current leaders have been abandoning their responsibilities. We must communicate and work together in the best interest of all fourteen municipalities.  

Shared Responsibilities to Achieve Shared Goals   

Have you ever tried to contact one of our County Commissioners about an issue or concern? Have you noticed that you either receive no response or their response is, "That's an issue for the state, we don't have any control over that". As a public servant, my response will not be “that’s not my job”. If you come to me with concerns I will find out who has the power to enact change and we all will work together to find the best solution. When elected, I will serve the people of Union County who elected me, not my own self interests.

It’s my intention to ensure a cooperative working environment by listening to my fellow board members and other elected leaders throughout the Country to find common ground. Once we all understand each other’s motivations, we can start to figure out the best path forward.


Doing All for All of Union County

When elected, I will be accessible,  accountable and transparent. 

Accessibility: My door will  always open. I will encourage residents to stay involved by reaching out to me. I will have regular outreach with my constituents.

Accountability: Can only be obtained through transparency and honesty. I will remain accountable by helping constituents understand the reasons for my votes at every meeting and explaining why I voted for or against  every measure. Let me help bring trust back to our local leadership! 


Transparency:  How can citizens make suggestions on issues if they don’t even know what is being discussed?  The political party you belong to should not matter. If you live in Union County, you have the right to have your leaders keep you informed. Keeping you informed is my commitment as this should be the standard for all leaders. 

Trust me with your vote and I will earn it each and every day.
Vote Kimberly Morrison-Hansley and let’s build A More
Perfect Union together!