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You asked, I answered! At the start of my campaign I opened a survey so that Union County residents could ask me questions about what affects them. I have been listening to your concerns and collected my answers here. My entire platform is centered around the need for transparency. If you have a question about something that is not addressed here, please reach out to me and I will get back to you!


"I feel that the eastern side of the county has been ignored for many years. Make things equitable."

Yes, the eastern, more rural part of the county has been ignored for years. Citizens residing in the eastern part of the county  are the last to receive water connections, broadband service, and our schools are the most neglected. This concern was one of my primary reasons for running. We must do a better job of balancing our resources and ensuring that the eastern half of the county doesn't fall any further behind.


"The continued building and population growth without a plan to extend/widening roads."

The one thing that the current county commissioners are right about is that the majority of the roads in Union County are under state control. The county has little control over repairing the roads and, thanks to a general assembly that prioritizes developers over its citizens, we can't even ask builders to assist with infrastructure. However, the current board replies to requests for alleviating our traffic issues with "not my problem" and will refer you to the state's department of transportation. I feel like the job of a county commissioner is to advocate for the people who live here. Even if I don't have the power to directly make large changes to the roads in Union County, I will become an advocate, a go-between, and a thorn in the side of the North Carolina Department of Transportation until they start to make improvements here in Union County.


"The safety and well being of families during the pandemic due to extreme political viewpoints."

During the pandemic it was very important to me, my family and members of civic organizations of the community of which I am a member to address the needs of individuals and families in Union County. I worked alongside many citizens of Union County to address any food insecurity that may have existed by volunteering to distribute food boxes. We also worked to share information regarding Covid-19, how to obtain vaccinations as well as provided masks and other PPE. 

When elected to the Union County Board of Commissioners it will be my responsibility to monitor the needs of Union County citizens and provide what is necessary to improve the quality of life for all citizens.


"When will we get public transportation in Union County?"

Transportation or the lack of public transportation in Union County is an ongoing issue for many citizens of Union County. Back on May 25, 2022 I attended the Chamber of Commerce - Public Policy Luncheon - Union County: Vision for the Future where Michele Lancaster, Deputy County Manager was the presenter. It was pointed out during the Q&A that Public Transportation was sadly not addressed in the 2050 Comprehensive Plan.


The Union County Human Services’ Transportation Division provides Union County’s ONLY source of public transit. I recently called all the numbers associated with the service and neither line was answered. In fact, after several rings the call was disconnected. This is not the service I would expect as a tax-paying citizen of Union County, someone in need of transportation or more importantly when elected to the Union County Board of Commissioners. My motto in service is “inspect what you expect.” While the day-to-day operations of services of Union County are not the job of a County Commissioner, making sure that the experience of those needing or using any of the services expectations are met or exceeded.  


"We have a commission that does not reflect and represent the population it serves."

The Union County Board of Commissioners is 100% white, male and Republican. It is important to point out the population of Union County is reported by the US Census 2019 ACS s-Year Survey (Table B03002) as 79.37% White, 11.58% Black or African American 9.05% other. 

The last time a woman was elected to the Union County Board of Commissioners was 2008. The last time a Democrat, who also was a woman,  was elected was in 1986.  

Who can change this? Voters … the only way for this to change is for voters to dare to elect representative leadership.